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Online application for a place in a hall of residence

You can apply online for a room or a family apartment in a hall of residence.

You can also send in an application even if you have not received an admission certificate or you are not a matriculated student. However, proof of matriculation must be shown at the latest 4 weeks after moving in. If this is not provided then you are not entitled to accommodation - this entails an immediate termination of the rental contract.

If you are not accepted into the university, or decide to study at another establishment, then you can cancel your application free of charge. If you have a confirmed reservation, then you can cancel your application upon payment of an administration fee. If a rental contract had already been concluded, then cancellation in writing must be provided. In this case, you are liable for rent payment up until subsequent letting.

Deadlines: there are no fixed application deadlines. However, we should have received your application by 15th July for the winter semester and 15th January for the summer semester, since this is when we begin to arrange rooms and send out rental contracts. Applications received after this have fewer chances of securing a room and a smaller selection of room to choose from.

Admission: admission generally proceeds on a first-come first-served basis.
Priority treatment goes to cases of hardship, e.g.: low parental income, illness or disabilities. A case of hardship must be proven in writing (e.g. disabled person's pass, proof of parental income, BAföG assessment, etc.). Please send documents to the following email address: wohnen[at]stw.uni-heidelberg[dot]de. More information can be found in the usage regulations and admission criteria.


The beginning of the rental contract is based on the universities' semester dates. Admissions for a date which does not correspond to these times can be made on a when-and-if availability basis.

The semester dates for institutions in Heidelberg are:
Winter semester: 1 October - 31 March; summer semester: 1 April - 30 September
Heilbronn University:
Winter semester: 1 September - 28 February; summer semester: 1 March - 31 August


Information about the application procedure

We begin to sort out accommodation for the following semester from around the middle of July (winter semester) and the middle of January (summer semester). For this reason we cannot provide any concrete information about the status of your application before the end of August/beginning of September and before the end of February/beginning of March.

Please note: We kindly ask you to refrain from calling us about the status of your application before the beginning of September and the beginning of March. If you have not received confirmation from us around ten days before the requested starting date of the contract then it is very unlikely that you will be assigned a room. In this case, please be prepared for your application to be declined. Rejections are usually sent at the very latest date possible: this is because there are always last-minute cancellations, meaning applicants are still being processed right until the end.

If you would like to apply to one of the Europahaus residences, you will need to submit proof of long-term stay abroad, as well as proof of social involvement (if available) with your application, or send via email to the following address: wohnen[at]stw.uni-heidelberg[dot]de.

Important: multiple submissions will not be taken into account, so please apply just once! Please select up to three halls of residence. You can specify other preferences in the 'Hints' box.



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