Health insurance

As a general rule, students must have health and nursing care insurance - either on their parents' insurance or on student health insurance.

This rule also applies to foreign students, with the exception of students from countries with which Germany has signed a social agreement that includes a paragraph about insurance. These students can remain insured in their country of origin. Provided this applies to you, please obtain the E-111 replacement certificate form at home. After this form has arrived, you must present it to an official medical insurance company where you are studying.

Accident insurance

Students are insured against accidents during activities which are originally related to the higher education institute. This also includes getting to and from the institution, excursions and internships. If you are a sports student, accidents are part of normal training. For another students, accidents during sport undertaken at university are jointly insurance (Unfallkasse Baden-Württemberg:

For more detailed information in regard to the accident insurance, for example while you're working on your diploma project, master or doctor dissertation, or working in an internship, you will find here. Also information about accidents happened in connection with your private activities.

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Dependents' co-insurance

If you are not yet older than 25 (plus in military or community service), then you can remain insured on your parents' dependents' co-insurance and you do not need to pay your own contribution. However, if you have a job on the side, then you must keep to the earnings levels - if not, you are no longer covered by dependents' co-insurance. You can find info here.

Student health insurance

Students can use official student health insurance until they reach the age of 30, or before the end of the 14th semester. Student health insurance costs the same at all official medical insurance companies.

Even if you change your course or take on a second degree course, you can still remain insured on student health insurance. The semesters studied during your first degree are not counted if you change your course or begin a second degree - you can remain insured for a further 14 semesters. However, this is only the case until you reach the age of 30.

Theft compensation

Subject to the following conditions, compensation can be awarded by the Heidelberg student union if clothes or students' bicyles are stolen:

  • The objects were stolen from the cloakrooms, floors, or teaching rooms in the educational institute which the victim of the theft had frequented for directly degree-related reasons.
  • Bicycles which have been locked away are only insured if they were stored in the approved bike storage facilities/stalls within the university area. Canteens, cafeterias and buildings managed by the Heidelberg student union are considered university areas.
  • Compensation for bikes stored in halls of residence owned by the Heidelberg student union can only be awarded if they were stored either in the halls or in another locked room. Damage compensation can amount to up to €256 per compensation case and year.

Claim reports must be submitted to the Heidelberg student union. Before doing this, you must report the theft to the police. If the theft concerns a bicycle, then you will also need to present a certification from the local lost and found office confirming that the bike has not been found. This certification can be issued at the earliest 14 days after the theft has taken place.


Studierendenwerk Heidelberg
Im Neuenheimer Feld 674
69120 Heidelberg
E-Mail: compliance[at]stw.uni-heidelberg[dot]de

Info and damage reports:

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