ICI club

The ICI club provides a space for international and home students to meet new people at different events like parties, film screenings or international evenings. ICI club IDs are available for only €2 per semester in the ServiceCenter and InfoCafé International, as well as at ICI club events at the beginning of the semester.
ICI club members can get reductions at events or receive other goodies. On top of this, there are raffles, where tickets for the theatre and Heidelberg Orchestra, or the Film Festival, are up for grabs.

International events

Fascinating insights into foreign cultures and worlds, stunning pictures and culinary delights from around the world - that's what the international or regional evenings have to offer.

German and international students organise international evenings, exhibitions, readings, discussion groups and parties - and invite you to look further than the Heidelberg bubble.

International café

Come and chat over a beer or coffee the international café - no matter whether in German or in your own language! To make evenings more interesting, there is a motto which the regulars stick to and which they will introduce to you. If you feel like it, you can make your own contribution to the theme, take part in the discussions, or simply just listen.

The international café takes place during term time every 2nd Wednesday from 20:00 in the Lesecafé of the Studihaus.


KultKino, OmU

KultKino gives students the opportunity to see old films in a whole different light, and new, non-mainstream films are also screened here to open up other, fresh perspectives. The films on show often deal with the same subject matter as blockbusters, e.g. love, friendship and justice, but the interesting thing about themn is the way in which they offer a different and exceptional take on these same themes. All films are screened in the OmU.

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