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INF 674-683

Im Neuenheimer Feld 674-683, 69120 Heidelberg

Year of construction 2011 - 2013
Location/surroundings Student residence on the Neuenheimer Feld Campus, close to medical and natural sciences faculties, university clinics and university sports institute with the olympics centre, as well as University of Education. Central canteen with Botanik café, beer garden and internet cafe around 5 minute walk away.
Number of rental units 553
Types of apartment Single apartment, 2 to 4-person flat shares, double room apartments
Sizes Single apartment: around 20 m2
Single rooms in flat shares: around 12 m2
Double room apartments: around 40 m2
Rent Single apartment: €306.00
Single room in flat shares: €294.00
Double room apartments: € 540.00
Facilities in the rooms furnished, lino floor, IP TV, telephone connection, internet connection
Other facilities central wash room in the halls
Transport connections Student residence has its own bus stop (stop: Studentenwohnheim), direct connection to old town or main station with 'UNI-Linien' 31 or 32
Cars/parking spaces Parking spaces available (fee: €10.00/per month, bike racks (some sheltered)
Other information Outdoor space with lots of green, open-air pool and other sports facilities on your doorstep. Given that around 1,600 students from around the world live in this residence, it can get quite lively.
Students with disabilities several suitably equipped apartments

Mrs. Muschik (INF 675, 679, 680, 683), Tel.: 06221 54-2667

Mrs. de Filippo (INF 674 & 682), Tel.: 06221 54-2667

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