zeughaus canteen im Marstall

Marstallhof 3, 69117 Heidelberg

A hit with students and a prize-winning establishment: zeughaus canteen im Marstall. Its success lies in its unique ingredient: until 10pm, students can put together meals exactly how they like it from the hot or cold buffet. The food served on the buffet ranges from soups and salads, vegetables, meat and fish, right up to sweet dishes and desserts. Everything is freshly prepared and, if possible, always using local produce.

Payment is easy: simply weigh your meal and pay. If you'd like to treat yourself to something special, then we recommend the large Sunday brunch: it's got seasonal specialities and breakfast classics, as well as a large selection of muesli and cornflakes, crusty breads and croissants, and fresh waffles or crêpes.


Marstallhof 3
69117 Heidelberg

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